This RAINBOW made a splash.

Posted on Jan 29, 2016

Rainbow Instrument

The Rainbow, a glass percussion instrument created by Robert Studer made its concert debut January 29, 2016 at the innovative performance called, City of Water, Sea of Glass, at Vancouver’s Waterfall Building.

Over the past two years, Redshift Music Society, in association with this is it. design, have curated a collaboration between some of BC’s most innovative composers and visual artists to develop strikingly original percussion instruments made of water and glass- materials that play a key role in defining Vancouver’s soundscape.

IMG_1681Artists Robert Studer, Heather Konschuh and Benton Roark with the Rainbow at City of Water, Sea of Glass.

Under the virtuoso mallets of the all-star Fringe Percussion quartet, the works of art by Robert Studer, Heather Konschuh, and Benton Roark made their debut along with world premiere compositions by Roark, Nova Pon, Chris Reiche, Christiaan Venter, and Mariah Mennie.

Fringe Percussion : RainbowThe all-star Fringe Percussion quartet play the works of art by Robert Studer, Heather Konschuh, and Benton Roark.

The successful collaboration with Benton Roark had Robert exploring sonic properties of glass that were relatively new to him – one he is eager to continue. “Upon my first serious engagement with glass 30 years ago, I knew I was entering into a journey of discovery that would last a lifetime.” says Studer. “It is projects like these that make it all worthwhile.”

Waterfall buildingThe Waterfall Building provided a reflective ambiance of water and glass for the world premiere.

CBC Radio’s Early Edition with Rick Cluff gave Roark and Studer the opportunity to talk about the project. You can hear the broadcast by clicking on the CBC Player.

City of Water, Sea of Glass opened to a sold out venue.

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12697314_10153796507965609_1788599081661782196_o 2City of Water, Sea of Glass played to a full house in the Waterfall Building, Vancouver, BC.