ROBERT STUDER / this is it design

Robert Studer’s creative practice over the past 25 years has embraced the relams of art, industrial design, craft, installation and performance. He values the journey of discovery over the achieving of a destination. As such Robert has developed a skill set and unique perspective to exercise his creativity in a broad range of societal contexts.

His contributions span the realms of public art, product design, sculpture, architecture, photography, two dimensional works, art actions, exhibition curation, and guerilla art, to name a few.

Studer’s work has been presented to Queen Elizabeth, the Duke and Duchess of York on behalf of Canada. They are also in the collections of Microsoft, Simon Fraser University, the City of Surrey, and many other private and corporate collections.  He has contributed to the curation of exhibitions in London, Tokyo, the USA and across Canada.

His personal work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions while at the same time producing anonymous works installed within the public realm – even implicating city workers to install the unsanctioned work.

His practice has earned him the honour of the Vancouver Mayors Art Award for Craft and Western Living Magazine Designer of the Year Award for Industrial Design and Eco-Design.

Robert Studer: a curious nature
Film by Craig Anderl



GNETAHN JEHMAN / Bigmusic Productions

GNETAHN JEHMAN / Bigmusic Productions

Gnetahn Jehman’s expertise in video production and digital filming/editing has been instrumental in projects spanning the globe. A diverse skill set has him working with organizations like SelfDesign Foundation and Simon Fraser University in Canada,  documentary filming in India regarding Tibetans living in exile, to leading a team of students on a camera blog for V-Channel Mumbai culminating in a broadcast to 26 million viewers, to name a few projects spanning 14 years.

Current video projects include topics such as Cyber Bullying and Child Suicide with Theresa Campbell, President of Safer Schools Together, and a special educational video series with Kim Barthel, a neuroscientist and author of Conversations with a Rattle Snake.

Gnetahn is also an accomplished musician, recording and producing in India, London, France and Canada.

Life Spiral – Video, Animations, Audio Sound Track Script



BETH HAWTHORN / this is it design

Beth Hawthorn provides administrative and technical support to this is it design inc, which she co-owns with Robert Studer.  Her skills provide management expertise to achieve deliverables in a timely manner along with managing accounts, IT and correspondence with other administrative bodies.