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ATC : All Terrain Cabin

Produced by the BARK Design Collective, the ATC was a traveling exhibition built completely from Canadian design and innovation. In 2005 the All Terrain Cabin traveled across Canada and the United States to promote Canadian design and innovation by showcasing products and design concepts from over 50 Canadian companies. Designed to be off the grid and self-sustaining, it was highly portable and deployable. This Project was funded through Western Economic Diversification (WED) and the exhibiting Canadian companies.

The BARK Design Collective was a non-profit organization focused on raising the profile of Canada’s material culture on the international stage. Robert Studer and Beth Hawthorn were two of the founding members and directors. Projects have included exhibitions in Tokyo Japan, London England, Atlanta Georgia, as well as Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa in Canada. BARK contributed to Canada’s material culture from 2002-2009.